Back to reality … and Britain’s fat capitals

12 Sep

So after a blissful holiday spent surfing in north Devon – the kids were way better than me, learning to stand up by the end of their first surfing lesson, while I went head first into the drink – we’re all back at school. The particular “joy” of this term is that small daughter is now having packed lunches. The only trouble is her food repertoire seems to get smaller and smaller. She likes cheese wraps with apple in them; not too terrible. But she insists on them every day. Green things are basically a no-go area except for peas (which she loves), the only other vegetables she’ll go near are asparagus (but only the very, very tips, which works out at about £5 for a tiny mouthful of veg) sweetcorn (which when I used to go my dietician I was told to avoid) and baked beans (ditto, despite them being listed on the government’s five a day). She’ll eat fruit: in fact she’s like a fruit bat, consuming nectarines like they are going out of style if I’ll let her!

I’m trying to up the exercise (she’s just started at a new gym class where they flick-flack around in a highly professional manner and she loves it). And after a summer of marching up and down hills at a festival in Devon, surfing, swimming in the freezing sea and riding ponies a lot, things are more under control. It’s just the pack lunch situation… anyone got any ideas?

I was struck at the weekend by the Sunday Times story  about the most obese areas in Britain (Kent and Gateshead). they put the large number of chubbers in these areas down to them having few places to take exercise and being poor (processed food, full of the dreaded palm oil and sugar is much cheaper than fresh). I was really struck by how the wealthy borough of Richmond on Thames has only 14% fat kids compared to over 30% in Kent and Gateshead: fat these days is – generally – a class issue, at the extremes anyway. But that doesn’t mean to say that the rest of us, who are lucky enough not to be trying to feed a family of five on a few pounds a week and therefore having to go for cheap over healthy, don’t have issues… made me think how lucky I am.


2 Responses to “Back to reality … and Britain’s fat capitals”

  1. Jennifer Howze September 13, 2011 at 7:06 am #

    Ah the dreaded packed lunches. We did a lot of hot foods in a Thermos (mainly pasta with sweetcorn – the dreaded sweetcorn again! – and tomato soup). At first we tried different things but they kept coming back uneaten. Since she liked some healthy things I ultimately decided not to worry about and just kept cooking the pasta.

  2. eleanor mills September 13, 2011 at 2:06 pm #

    Hey Jennifer, I’ve kind of given in and am going with the cheese and apple wrap option – though I did branch out and give her chicken risotto today (bet it comes back with nothing in it!!)

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