I braved an Oxfam get-together…

27 Jan

… and what a jolly evening it was! It’s the first time I’ve gone to a party to meet in the flesh virtual pals from Twitter and Mumsnet Bloggers and having done it once, I think we should all make a point of doing it more often. The evening was to launch Oxfam’s Get Together campaign (if you are into Twitter, the hash tag is #gettogether). For International Woman’s Day, Oxfam are encouraging as many women as possible to host a party, soiree, drinks, manicure session or whatever takes your fancy to raise money for other women in the third world.

Mumsnet Bloggers at Oxfam's Get Together launch party

Mingling with Mumsnet bloggers at Oxfam's get-together

I was particularly excited to meet my sartorial heroine Jane Shepherdson from Whistles (fortunately I was wearing a white silk shirt of her’s with a yellow collar which is always a good way to break the ice). She told us how she’d been to Mali with Oxfam and how she’d loved the women she met and came back determined to help them. Lauren Laverne told similar tales and we all got rather tipsy on amazing passionfruit and raspberry cocktails and resolved to sort out our own get togethers and raise some money.
It doesn’t have to be a fortune. Even if you just made a cake and sold some of it to some work mates or at the school gates the £8 you raise would buy two school books so that children, especially girls, get the education they deserve. I have been roped in to going on a run round Hampstead Heath with one of the Mumsnet founders and her mega-fit jogging buddies (I’m terrified). But we’re all going to contribute £46 which is enough to train a midwife in Ghana – every year, nearly 4,000 women there die from pregnancy-related problems because of the lack of midwives and rural medical facilities. In fact, every minute a woman with no medical care dies in pregnancy or childbirth. Every little helps: just £27 can provide business training so that a woman farmer can negotiate the best price for her hard won produce and make a better life for her family.
So have fun, see your mates, organise a get together and send the money to Oxfam. It’s a win, win.

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