About Eleanor Mills

Is your child a bit tubby? Do you know how to talk to them about it? Eleanor Mills was a chubster as a child and doesn’t want her own kids to suffer the same fate. With a global childhood obesity epidemic underway this blog aims to share problems, solutions and dilemmas about the whole issue of kids, food, fat and how to tackle it without all concerned becoming emotional wrecks.

When she’s not obsessing about all of this, Eleanor is Associate Editor of The Sunday Times, and a columnist.  She writes broadly about social affairs with a particular accent on women, work, and making it all balance.  She has two daughters, is married and lives in London.


One Response to “About Eleanor Mills”

  1. SARA STONEHAM September 29, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    Dear Eleanor,

    Sorry to contact you this way but I know you have two children and are a respected journalist so I wondered if you knew that it is adoption week coming up on October 31st.

    I’m just an adoptive mum trying to spread the word for BAAF that adoption is something worth considering.

    So I made this silly little film for the BAAF champions competition aiming to spread the word that prospective adopters are being welcomed far more these days. You may have heard on the news today that there are 3,500 children still in care and only 60 were adopted last year.

    My story is that I was a career woman with a designer mimimalist house and now I trip over toys all day long- but love it.

    If you can advise any way to get the story out there BAAF would be so pleased- and so would I as adoption made my life so happy.

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